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    There is a marketplace for your marijuana license. Get the most out of it with Argonaut.

    As the industry matures, there is a growing market for cannabis license holders interested in selling. With the right information and a properly executed sales and negotiation process, you can get a fair market valuation for your cannabis license or operating cannabis business.

    Argonaut Advisors is a leader in the growing cannabis investing industry. In our three decades of experience, we have created value for both cannabis business operators and investors through our suite of services: investment sales (buying and selling of cannabis licenses), mergers and acquisitions, capital advisory, and cannabis real estate investments. Our cannabis consultants are the strategic middle-point between capital and operators.

    As a boutique cannabis capital advisor and consultant, we consistently create opportunities for both investors and operators. With hands-on operating experience and financial expertise specific to cannabis investing, our clients have access to differentiation that leads to value creation for both sides of the transaction.



    Key Steps and Considerations
    when selling your Cannabis License


    Check your local
    and state regulations

    Does the city allow me to sell my cannabis license? Are there limitations or processes that must be followed before I can sell my license? If you can’t sell your license, are you eligible to enter into a Management Service Agreement?


    Know why you are
    selling the license

    Reasons you might be selling your license (among others):

    • You want to focus on a specific vertical; examples include
      • You have a cultivation and a retail space, and you want to focus only on cultivation
      • You want to focus on only marijuana flower and exit the manufactured products space
    • You are exiting a state due to tax reasons
    • You are in need of liquidity (for new investments or any other reason) and need to sell some of your lower priority assets
    • You want to exit the cannabis industry


    Know how much
    are you expecting
    to receive
    for selling your license

    • How did you get to that number? Is your valuation “due-diligence-proof”? Did you look at the resale market?
    • Do you want $X million in cash and another $X in stock, because you are looking to be acquired by a large operator, a publicly listed entity, or a company with high liquidity?


    What are you going to do
    with the proceeds?

    • Work with a CPA to determine the tax liability when you make your cannabis license sale
    • Ensure that this influences the timing of your sale; e.g. if you expect your profits in 2021 to be significant, you may want to consider selling your cannabis license and other assets the following fiscal year due to the reduced tax liability
    • Are you going to put your proceeds in a regular account, a 1031 exchange, or are you investing in another asset? Have a plan about how you’re moving forward.


    If you’re planning an exit,
    work on the numbers
    and legal structure
    of your business

    • Improve the financial performance by cutting down costs
    • Ramp up or optimize production
    • Minimize waste and inefficiencies in your operation
    • Implement tax planning strategies ahead of time
    • For deals larger than $5M+, get audited financial statements by an independent CPA firm
    • If you are a multi-license holder, break every license into its own legal entity


    Perform due diligence
    on your buyers

    • Review their past deals, who they represent, why they want to invest in your license or business, and what their general strategy is in the cannabis industry. This will help determine how you conduct negotiations with them.

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