Cannabis Investment:
Sales of Cannabis Assets

There are a variety of vehicles in which cannabis licenses, cannabis businesses, or cannabis investments can be traded and sold in the ever-growing, legal cannabis marketplace. When working with Argonaut Advisors, clients benefit from a profound knowledge of vertically integrated cannabis operations and deep networks of relationships offering a diverse pool of potential buyers and sellers.
Medicinal Marijuana

Investment Sales

Whether a client is disposing of an operating business or looking to sell an active or inactive cannabis license, we can help. We advise across all areas of the industry including public companies, multi-state operators (MSOs), single-state operators (SSOs), or even individually owned craft operations. Depending on the engagement, Argonaut finds buyers or sellers, providing guidance to clients through the entire sales process to ensure the maximum value is received for any asset.

Our deep-rooted knowledge across the many cannabis business sectors within the industry includes:

  • cannabis cultivation facilities, (outdoor and indoor grow operations)
  • dispensaries or retail operations,
  • processing and manufacturing facilities,
  • testing labs,
  • transportation
  • social consumption lounges

Our expertise enables Argonaut to act as a broker on either side of a transaction in order to guide cannabis asset sales, acquisitions, or dispositions. Argonaut’s investment sales team provides value to clients through a combination of deep-rooted industry experience and a well-connected network of investors.

Argonaut's Investment Sales Services

Technical Support

Asset Optimization

Asset Sales

License Sales

Due Diligence

Support to overcome
the “Cannabis red tape”

Both operating and investing in the cannabis industry is very different from in other fields of business. Buying or selling your cannabis investment is no different. Without a doubt, the procedures are far more complicated than one might expect. Argonaut takes care of every step of the process and offers helpful strategies that maximize the return of your cannabis investment.

Experts at Asset Optimization

Argonaut Advisors’ in-depth knowledge of each process within the cannabis industry, including full vertical operations from seed to sale, gives our team an advantage when it comes to cannabis investment sales.

Access to interested buyers:
An Argonaut core competence

Throughout the years, Argonaut has built a wide network of major cannabis investors and operators that are always on n the lookout for new opportunities.
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Selling your Cannabis License

We have partners and clients that are actively looking for acquiring or strategically partnering with cannabis license holders. If you have the right cannabis license, we can make sure that you will sell it at the optimal price.

crop of cannabis plants

We ensure that you are ready for due diligence

Our expertise in providing due diligence for cannabis operators and investors has equipped us with a diverse skill set that is instrumental for those interested in buying or selling cannabis assets or licenses. We can audit both your financial and operational processes and reports to ensure that everything is in line with investors’ expectations.

Furthermore, it is imperative that your standard operating procedures meet the necessary regulatory frameworks and investor expectations. Overlooking even something small has the potential to derail a transaction. Argonaut Advisors will guide you through all these intricacies to make certain that your operational performance and reporting systems are on par.

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